Ashinana's Oasis

Ashinana’s Oasis is a location where the PC’s have spent a lot of time in their chronicles.

Ashinanas oasis2

1: Vestang Manor House
2: The Dancing Tabi
3: The Oasis Spa
4: Caravan Campgrounds
5: Oasis Spring

Upon the PC’s first arrival at Ashinana’s Oasis, this is what they beheld:

The oasis is about the size of a small hamlet. It exists in the lea of a huge rock cliff over a hundred feet high, at the base of which, running nearly the length of the cliff, is a crystal blue spring.

There are a few villas that stand out as the homes of what are probably very wealthy aristocrats and maybe a few retired military generals. Think Santa Fe Villas. Tents and huts make up the remainder of the citizens housing.

There is one inn, The Dancing Tabi near the fountain at the center of town. A quaint adobe affair with one deluxe room making up a second floor.

It is 3 days before Ashinana’s big event and the festivities are well underway. The hamlet is swarming with followers, laborers, merchants, aristocrats, and personal bodyguards. The entire town is decorated in bright colors with flowers and ribbons attached to every post, sign, and cart all up and down the main strip. Festivities are in full swing; those who are not relaxing at the spa and garden or partying at the Dancing Tabi, are walking the main road in town among the street performers, game barkers, and merchants. Some people are dressed in their costumes, others wear fine garments. Even the peasants and servants are dressed appropriately for the festival (if not a bit more sparsely or shabbily. Class distinction can clearly be demonstrated in the quality and elaborateness of ones costumery).

Jewelers, artists, perfumers, vintners, carvers, brewers, glassblowers, tinkerers, fakirs, chemists, fashion designers and an assortment of other craftsmen hock their wares from their tents.

A man at the gate greets you:

“My lady, my gentlemen. Welcome to the Festival of Dreams! In celebration of the Marchioness’ latest archaeological discoveries from deep in the Desert, Lady Vestang has provided her guests with this week-long festival.

And what a guest list we have! You are hobnobbing with the Who’s Who of Freeport! There are aristocrats from houses across all social strata. Our lady has even persuaded his Lordship Duke Sallin to visit, all the way from the old world.

As Fieldsman of the Royal Academy you’ll enjoy a certain level of notoriety here, everyone is interested to hear about the latest discovery or magical find. After all, that’s why were here, to unveil the artifacts and treasures of Lady Vestang’s most recent archaeological dig!

In order to ensure the smoothest landing here at the festival of dreams might I humbly advise you partake as enjoy the festivities? We’ve a number of alcoholic beverages fermented from native plants to get you in a party mood, but for those unable or unwilling to partake there are fruits and nectars to remind you of the sweetness of life. There’s always the crisp clear water from the oasis’s underground fed spring. Never mind it’s rumored to be the lair of a giant squid, I’m sure that’s what gives it that ‘something extra-special’ legendarily attributed to it!

Entertain your senses; eat, drink, make merry! Peruse the vendors! Loosen your inhibitions at the Dancing Tabi! Find exquisite food and drink all along Dreaming Street. Perhaps your sweetheart or lover might be amuse with a gift of scent from Dilly’s DragonCharms or a designer piece of clothing from among the collection direct from the House of Dandan. I hear he is pre-showcasing his winter selection exclusively at this event.

For the seekers of the strange, you must pay a visit to Argyle McGills stall. He specializes in the strange and odd. Maybe an rare spell component eludes you? Or maybe you might have something to offer him in exchange for gold?

If it’s answers to questions you seek via otherworldy advice, Zola the seer can Divine for you the answer to any one “yes or no” question, for a price.

If you’re looking to add a certain mystique to your costume, please visit Delinda’s Dreamery where you might find something to add a bit of phantasm to your frockery.

You never know when the entertainment will strike up! Mungo and is Mighty Monkey Managerie is sure to delight you with their antics. If not comedy then perhaps a bit of drama might thrill you. The famous stage actor Rikard Burbage is here reciting epic poetry; very popular with the ladies of the court.

Then there are all the other merchants and vendors! Jewelers, artists, perfumers, vintners, carvers, brewers, glassblowers, tinkerers, chemists, and an assortment of other craftsmen who will be more than willing to haggle and quibble.

Despite her busy schedule the Marchioness has instructed me to urge all her guests to seek her out at Vestang Manor once you’ve had the opportunity to settle yourselves in. She delights in personally welcome her most honored guests, especially you. She begs your forgiveness of this imposition upon you, and promises never so busy as to spare at least a few moments of her time! She would normally be holding court here but she’s quite occupied at the moment with last minute preparations for tomorrow nights masquerade ball and exhibition.

Her grace has provided food, drink and entertainment for all her guests. Please avail yourselves of her generosity!"

Ashinana's Oasis

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