Campaign Start

The campaign takes place on the planet of Posidea countless thousands of years since the denizens of this orb came into being. Their creation myths vary widely.

Our story begins at the dawn of the Age of Discovery for the Civilization known as the Valerian Empire.

The campaign begins in the year 2798 upon the relatively newly discovered shores of the legendary Lost Continent of Venusha.

It’s been 10 years since Mel’kezdek Kei head of his order, The Royal Directorate of Antiquities, led the expedition that made landfall upon Venushan shores, and 40 years since his mysterious disappearance. Nonetheless, his order recovered from the loss of their leader with the assistance of the Expeditionary Knights Scholari. The union resulted in the foundation of The Royal Academy of Research and Exploration. Very quickly, a new frontier was made available to all willing to make the 2 to 3 month journey across treacherous seas.

Much has been discovered about the land in the past 40 years, but the developing history is still full of huge holes.

As the Knights settled into the land, it was apparent that they were not the first explorers to set foot here. It wasn’t that they found other settlers, but rather, they found the remnants of former settlements quite unlike the native ancient Venusian structures. These were of lesser construction, not having the endurance found in the megaliths left by the Ancient Venusian people.

The hallmarks of these newer ruins were unknown to them. Their construction and recovered records were not from any nation known to Velaria.

Based upon these discoveries, it was apparent that Velaria was not the first nation to attempt to reclaim and unravel the mysteries of this land. What records and information that have been recovered are kept confidential by the Knights. Only the most elevated of their order are privy to the newly uncovered secrets revealed in translated texts.

Alas, murmurings and gossip have given rise to the belief in a curse upon this land that may affect their own proclaimed destiny.

Our Gaming Campaign begins with the PC’s as newly elevated Fieldsmen attending The Royal Academy of Research and Exploration. You can read about the start of the adventure HERE.

Campaign Start

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