Legacy of the Land

Based upon the surviving architecture (which is extensive as their construction seems to have been built to last) the Venushian people were a complex and mysterious race with a very cosmic spiritual focus (as illustrated in the meaningful celestial alignments built into their immense monuments and surviving architectures).

Unfortunately, their history is long lost and forgotten, the native races of the land being either ignorant of, or un-forthcoming with, any information.

The shear size and frequency of ancient Venushan ruins suggests the prosperity and peace required to build such an expansive empire.

Ultimately, despite 40 years of research, so very little is known about this land and its former inhabitants no small part due to the fact that no known language for the Venucian people, spoken or written is known to exist. No physically recorded knowledge has ever been found nor have any artistic expressions outside of their architecture been discovered (It should be noted that the architecture is stunningly beautiful, very complex in design, and would seem to require technology or massive cooperative magic as yet to be developed in order to build). No means of passing on recorded history seems evident.

What makes the situation even more unfortunate is that the land must have been plundered by other as yet unknown explorers since the end of the Venushian civilization. Many sites have already been stripped of their artifacts.

Some ancient Venushian artifacts are brought back from expeditions into some of the more recent visitors abandoned ruins. Unfortunately, unless good research notes are found with the recovered artifact (and not all of our predecessors have been so, uh, scholarly), it only makes things more complex when researchers try to put together the what, why’s and how’s of a recovered artifact that has already been removed from its original location.

Only the newly uncovered Venushian ruins have turned up anything that increases our knowledge about them and has provided us with what little we know so far.

The most unique thing discovered in the ruins have been the presence of crystals found within and a part of their ancient structures.

Legacy of the Land

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