Mel'kezdek Kei

Mel’kezdek was the known worlds most highly decorated and renowned archaeologist. Having made a career of being a member of the Royal Directorate of Antiquities, he had also risen among the ranks achieving many notable accomplishments. For his dedication and mastery of his fields of study, the Council of the Trimurti had awarded him the title of Kei.

Mel’kezdek Kei lived for the dig. Unearthing formerly lost knowledge was his greatest passion. His most prized accomplishment was achieving membership to The Expeditionary Knights Scholari

For decades Mel’kezdek Kei led many expeditions for the Royal Directorate of Antiquities resulting in many successful digs. Around the age of 38, he came across an artifact that he claimed brought Lost Venusha out of the mythology books and onto the pages of verified history. From that point on, Mel’kezdek Kei had made it his life’s pursuit to find the Lost continent of Venushia.

Many debated the validity of his claims.

From then on, he would follow whatever leads he could unearth regarding Lost Venusha. Much to the detriment of his reputation, there were many more misses than hits. It wasn’t long before the Knights Scholari turned a critical eye upon his activities. They considered his persistent pursuit of what they considered a fool’s quest to be a violation of their code, which precisely instructs them to stay within the confines of knowable, provable reality. His refusal to back down despite hundreds of dead-ends, earned him their scorn and ridicule eventually resulting in his humiliating ejection from the Order.

Their rejection of him daunted him little. Other than activities tantamount to spitting on their figurative doorstep and stomping away, there was little said about the matter.

Not for lost, considering him an Alumni and one responsible for stocking their coffers with the treasures of ages, Mel’kezdek Kei retained his membership with the Royal Directorate of Antiquities. With their grace, he was able to continue his “research”.

The decades passed and so intense was his passion for his subject, each venture whether success or failure, chipped away, bit by bit, at his grip upon reality. He was a man possessed and in later years began to take riskier and riskier ventures in pursuit of his passion. Finally, when he had unraveled the secrets offered up by the Tome of Testament, there was no denying he was onto something real. With its revelations, he claimed to have found the last piece of the puzzle which pinpointed the location of Lost Venushia.

Begrudgingly, due to many of the Council believing him mad, the Royal Directorate of Antiquities agreed to fund one final expedition, decreeing that if this expedition did not turn up anything of value, his membership would be renounced, he’d be forced into retirement and his reputation cast into obscurity.

Undaunted, in 2758 he gathered a trusted crew and immediately set out to do nothing short of land upon the shores of the Lost Continent of Venushia.

Mel'kezdek Kei

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