Native Species

The land is not without it’s native inhabitants, not that either of the two dominant ones lays any claim to be Venushian in heritage.

  • Hu – Severely handicapped Human-like primates
  • Quantir – inter-dimensional Elf-like beings (exotic, alien-looking elves)

According to the Quantir, the Venushian culture had already been abandoned when they arrived nearly 5,000 years ago and the Hu were roaming the lands much as they do today. The Quantir claim to have tried to have attempted to have helped the Hu thousands of years ago – assisting them in their evolution, but the Hu only ever sought to run away whenever they would be gathered, sometimes barbarically resisting the Quantir’s attempts at an intervention.

The Hu eke out an existence in competition with many hostile elements, small clusters of monstrous races as well as natural and magical beasts.

The fey Quantir do not maintain a constant presence physically in Venushia. They can manifest themselves anywhere they desire and sustain themselves from their ‘native’ reality. They will occasionally manifest and gather for short periods of time in certain places with permanent structures for some unknown purpose.

Many savage species have found a niche in which to exist but none are encountered as frequently as these two.

A fair number of natural and supernatural wonders are to be beheld as well. Reports of creatures, tribes, cults, organizations, recorded magical events and magical locations, sacred sites found in the new land are always beingn reported and cataloged at The Academy

Native Species

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