New Venusha

New Venusha is the name given by The Velarian Empire for the continent upon which the remnants of, what they believe to be, the Ancient Venushian civilization have been found.

The land mass is believed to be the (formerly known as) The Lost Continent of Venusha.

The Velarian colony of New Venusha has only been in existence for a short while (40 years).

Exploration has revealed that Velaria was not the first nation to attempt to settle this ancient landscape since the Venushan disaster. Remnants of a more recent, less robust civilization’s attempts at colonization have also been found.

A fair number of natural and supernatural wonders are to be beheld upon the landscape. Reports of creatures, tribes, cults, organizations, magical events, magical locations, and sacred sites have been found. Discovering and cataloging these indigenous novelties is one of the more exciting professions offered by The Academy.

Known novelties:

The Ashlands – an ashy landscape of flaky “sand”, which transforms into a bog of mud and silt at it’s southern border.
The Garden Primeval – A rain forest of majestic beauty with wide chasms and high ridges which cascade with verdant jungle growth. Many rivers and waterfalls of indescribable beauty have been discovered within it’s Congo-like depths. Gigantic mammals and insects are known to hunt (and be hunted) in this place as well as bizarre creatures previously undreamed of.
Gnoll Slavers – Competing gnoll tribes trafficking in Hu slaves.
The Horrible Hammock – An forest infested with perpetual undead.
The Emerald Springs – Like jewels in the shoreline forest landscape, many of these forest oasis exists. Pools of crystal clear water tinted emerald green from the aquatic growth along it’s walls, these rejuvenating springs are a natural treasure. It is believed that an underground river connects them all as no bottom has ever been found among the ones discovered.
Scorpids – A nomadic barbarian nation of scorpion-worshiping halflings.
The Nantuko – Necromantic cricket and mantis-like insectoids.
Elemental Kingdoms – Spirits of air, fire, water, earth congregating in organized ‘communities’. Aloof at best, destructive at worst. These elemental creatures have no need for anyone or anything. These communities are led by very powerful and old elemental entities.
The Blisterlands – a badlands pock-marked with boil-like geysers which spew forth a fel, demonic goo. Imps, mephits, and all manner of minor demons are said to dwell there.

New Venusha

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