The Discovery

The Discovery of Lost Venusha

The legend was believed to be a myth… until “The New World”, a formerly undiscovered island continent, had been located in 2758 by The Velarian Empire during an expedition lead by a particularly determined, ‘crackpot’ Archaeologist.

Never before had Velarian explorers ever set their eyes upon such amazing wonders, both marvelous and tragic. Landmark ruins of exquisite and complex beauty, as well as strange, unusual supernatural events were discovered to occur with frequency throughout the land.

It had to be The Legendary Lost Venushia! After all, what unearthly beings other than the legendary Venusians could be responsible for the monuments and mysteries to be found there? Who else is spoken of to have left behind a cursed and warped landscape caused by a tragic cataclysm responsible for the abrupt end of an entire civilization?

And yet, it is this very mystery that may never be resolved. In the 40 years since the discovery of the Lost Continent, not one bit of evidence has turned up to support that the originating culture ever wrote or recorded anything. No known language, written or spoken is known to exist. Without pre-recorded knowledge, support for much of what is discovered is greatly crippled.

Aside from supporting mythological conjecture, the question still exists: what has transpired upon these shores all these millennium since it’s previous inhabitants demise? Who else might have walked these shores since the last ‘Venushian’ drew breath?

Not all researchers subscribe to the conclusion that the shores they have found are of Venushian legend. One could truthfully say MOST are not comfortable with the idea that such a race or civilization had existed or that an earthly being could (or even more objectionably, SHOULD) master and harness such power. With a mocking provoked by fear, more ‘rational’ men of scholarly renown exclaim the absurdity of such fanciful tales and have thus set out, nay, flocked to her shores to expose the mysteries of the new land to the scrutiny of their own doctrines, beliefs, or scientific methods.

These nay-sayers were soon joined, in droves, by fortune seekers, curious philanthropists, spiritual pilgrims, treasure-crazy adventurers, and all manner of unattached thrill seekers. After all, fortune favors the bold and here was a new frontier to be bold in.

The Discovery

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