The Expedition

The discovery of Lost Venusha was made by the ship “Murmure de L’Muse” captained by Admiral Heva of the Velarian Fleet. Navigating the ship was Sir Mendoza as contracted by Royal Directorate of Antiquities scholar, Mel’kezdek Kei in the year 2758.

The journey by sea was quite peril ridden and many lives were lost on the epic quest. They say Mel’kezdek was near to madness when they finally spotted the Venushan shore. Gibbering and raving, he disappeared into the wilderness not long after they made landfall.

The expedition set up camp, but when the Kei did not return, they had to concede they were leaderless and they understood so little about this new land. Admiral Heva sent word back to the Motherland alerting them to the condition of the expedition.

Despite Mel’kezdek’s abandonment, and not so ready to give up on the mystery that had been discovered, (and, perhaps in amendment for their dismissal of him) the Expeditionary Knights Scholari offered a union with The Royal Directorate of Antiquities. An accord was signed and The Expeditionary Knights Scholari, being a disciplined order, were given the authority to protect and oversee the expedition.

The Knights, placed in charge of managing the operation, quickly modified the agenda. Perhaps seeing the potential discoveries to be made, and at least feeling the call of their purpose in this new land, they requested resources to fund a colonization effort. Seeing the potential for something big, the Royal Directorate of Antiquities willingly, but cautiously, granted their request – not quite yet fully comfortable with whom they were making pacts.

The colonization effort and A small fleet of ships were sent forth containing the first pioneers to colonize New Venusha: scholars, historians, and merchant traders all with a thirst for exploration.

The Expedition

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