The Expeditionary Knights Scholari

The Expeditionary Knights Scholari are an elite Brotherhood of Knights whose code dictates the pursuit, discovery, and protection of any recorded, and verifiable knowledge.

The Knights are notorious, impartial record-keepers of actual fact. Being a disciplined order, they practice that the body and mind are one and thus train their bodies as rigidly as the train their minds.

They are peculiar in that when they are acolytes, the student chooses a weapon focus. The student is then expected to teach himself and master the focus. In this way the student learns the lesson of direct personal experience as the ultimate way to acquire knowledge, the way to truly Know something.

Mentally, they are committed to an unbiased perspective. They claim to have been charged by Oghma, the God of Scribes, to research, pursue, unearth, and acquire, the true histories of the world as well as preserve and protect such records and knowledge. In short, They have been charged by their patron to know, catalog, and protect all there is to know.

The Expeditionary Knights Scholari

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