The Lost Continent of Venusha

The Lost Continent of Venusha is a formerly mythological, now newly discovered, continent.

Venushia (or Venusha, as it has come to be known in the modern age) is the name given in the most ancient history books for the long lost and nearly forgotten island civilization and it’s native race of people, the Venushans. The mythological tales of the Venushan civilization speak of it as if it were a utopian paradise of high technology operated from a perspective of elevated spiritual values by a god-like race of beings. The exact details of their description vary among many accounts. Some tales recount them as giants with blue skin, some as cephalopodic humanoids; other myths explain them as non-physical energetic expressions of consciousness. Such diversity in description has caused history to attest that they could most likely take whatever form they liked. Despite differences in their physical description, they all shared one common thread. They were very advanced.

As divinely inspired scientists, they had acquired the secrets of universal energy. This limitless, natural source of free energy was put to use for the benefit of the entire civilization. Theology attributed to that time says that for ages, Power and Love were united. All records say corruption suddenly caught up with them, ultimately causing the cataclysm that brought their existence to an end.

Accepted sources of information regarding the subject of Venusha are found among the oldest, verified, authentic, historical texts going back almost 3,000 years. It’s frequency of mention was rare and, when mentioned, already considered ‘ancient history’.

Over time it came to be accepted that Venushia must have been a fabled civilization. Through the course of many generations, this ‘legend’ came to be called Lost Venusha. And so, a story is told of a civilization that existed before the current age, many thousands of years ago on a continent far, far away.

Even the most ancient of the elves (who’s lives span centuries) can only tell stories that have been passed down by their for-bearers, who only knew them as second hand recounts, and not direct experiences, even then.

Unaccepted sources of information include proven hoaxes and phonies and others of unverifiable authenticity. Modern (pre-discovery) compilations and extrapolations of this information had not been considered important enough to monitor for accuracy.

Despite it’s forgotten heritage, memory of the Lost Continent of Venusha spurred on many explorers and archaeologists in the hundreds of centuries that followed. It’s place among mythological tales was virtually secured… until its discovery was made in the year 2758.

Upon it’s colonization, settlers and explorers began calling this ‘new world’, New Venusha.

The Lost Continent of Venusha

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