The Royal Academy of Research and Exploration

The first Circle of Knights to arrive in New Venusha (as it was determined to be called by Mel’kezdek) explored and cleared out a gigantic stronghold: a vast mountain-like castle of Ancient Venushian construction built within the walls of a broken, vitrified valley. This stronghold (discovered to be known as Zebulon) would become their base of operations. Due to the leadership of the Knights, a supporting community quickly developed around it.

Zebulon would become the Knights new reason for existing. The entire organizations resources were from then fourth directed at this new Venushan project. From this sanctuary, they would train troubleshooters, adepts, acolytes, seekers, and squires in the many abilities, skills, and talents which are helpful in exploration… or to say it more excitingly, ADVENTURE!

Today, the main function of the settlement is research and exploration of the new land. The Royal Academy maintains a sort of Adventurers Guild where they train new explorers as well as research and debate the mysteries the academy teachers and teams of students uncover (such as items of magic or technology, new zoological discoveries, or odd events). Most popular are the many archaeological digs and excavations that are sponsored by the school.

As a result, The Royal Academy of Research and Exploration has become the hub of activity on a new and unexplored frontier.

The Royal Academy of Research and Exploration

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