The Velarian Empire

The Velarian Empire is a primarily human nation containing a large assortment of races that exist upon a colossal island continent. It is most like the Roman Empire of reality with a rational, although militant, government ruled over by an Emperor. The continent is shared with an elven nation but an accord exists between them allowing them both to exist in peaceful cooperation.

It’s standard is a spread-winged Mighty Roc of gold emblazoned upon a field of blue.

The Velarian empire is but the latest embodiment of the islands native civilization, having evolved through many incarnations. The current royal line can be traced back 826 years.

The commonly held Velarian belief surrounding their origins begins with the ancient native Velarians, a primal race of humans who roamed the land as “half-shadows” during the Time of Darkness.

Nearly 3,000 years ago, the plight of the native Velarian ancestors was mercifully taken up by the Immortal “Ixion” bringing about the end of the Time of Darkness. Ixion’s proclamation to ‘shine his light into the shadows’ became the spark that ignited the first Velarian civilization as marked with the creation of the first Library within the first few centuries.

At the campaigns start, the Kingdom of Velaria finds itself a few hundred years into its civilizations ‘Age of Discovery’ in the year 2798.

The known world consists of a few continent kingdoms, spread very far and wide among the trackless nautical miles of the Great Vastdeep Ocean.

The Emperor of Velaria is a brutish, boorish man caring only for the war games he maintains at home with his chosen enemies. Hearing that the discovery of Lost Venusha has not yet yielded any strategic or military value, he occupies himself with his military interests at home. So, very little governmental influence is found in New Venusha provided that the project does not require any of His Majesties military resources. The whole thing is on the books as being within the control of the Royal Directorate of Antiquities.

Under the guardianship of The Knights Scholari and funded by the Royal coffers of the Royal Directorate of Antiquities, The Royal Academy for Research and Exploration was founded and New Venusha was claimed in the name of The Velarian Empire in the year 2798.

The Velarian Empire

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