Player Characters

My first Venushan Adventuring Group:

All players MAY come up with whatever character background they can brew, from lowly pauper out on his luck, to a prince of a mighty foregin kingdom, so long as the last line of their story ends with, “… and that’s how I came to be an attendee at the ”/campaign/venusha/wikis/the-royal-academy-of-research-and-exploration" class=“wiki-page-link”> Royal Academy of Research and Exploration."

Matthew C. plays Dante, a moody “Binder” seeking to find a path to power with the strange method of acquiring supernatural abilities which he was surprised to have discovered. He came to The Royal Academy because the method of his discovery of his abilities was off-putting at best and horrifying at worst to the teachers of more traditional, eldritch colleges. His father suggested he practice his newly discovered craft out on the fronteir at RARE. His father had connections with the school as well so his acceptance was assured.

Cathy S. plays Willow, an exotic, beautiful She-elf who travels with a white wolf for a companion. She is wide-eyed at how strange and different the world is when compared to her beautiful elven home, but do not mistake her doe-eyed appearance for naivete! She is learned in the wisdom of her ancient people and has set forth into the world to put that wisdom to the test! She journeys out into the unknown, to the newly discovered shores of Venusha on a rite of passage; a trial by fire of the mighty elven ways! She has taken up education with the mortal races and attends classes at RARE.

Rob plays Nejjibahn, a newly minted Warmage straight from boot camp. Looking to test the limits of his power, he sought the most advantageous place an aspiring mercenary could go, Venusha! Not having the means of paying for his education, he enrolled in their “scholarship program” whereby he is expected to provide service to the school (in the form of missions best suited to the students skill set) until his debt is considered paid off. Considering the kinds of missions he’s sent on which chip away at his loan are exactly the kinds of ‘tests of personal power’ he seeks, he sees it as a win-win proposition.

Joe plays Gully, a woodlands ranger who’s running as far away as he can from a lost love. Having been forces apart by her father, and she made to wed another, … the pain too great,… when he heard the call for colonists of unique abilities to come build a new world upon the Venushan shores, it proved too strong! He fled, leaving behind his past in hopes of building a new future. He, also with no money, has enrolled in the schools “scholarship program” and has become a hunter of local game for the schools kitchens in his downtime.

Dave Jr. plays Kermode: a Paladin seeing his personal truth! Claiming his ‘God told him to do it’, he enrolled at the Royal Academy. He’s under a strange curse though, he just seems to disappear from time to time (Part time player)

We gained a new player, Doug, along the way.

Doug plays a despairing Paladin named Orlin. Hearing the call for colonists, he joined RARE as a place to begin making his mark. Funded by the church, his education was bought and paid for. He excelled in his studies and when a school Alumni named Ashinana Vestang asked the school to assemble a team of Frontiersmen for her to use as a dig team, he was at the top of the list. The dig kept them in the desert for nearly a year before they hit upon a discovery that would forever alter his life.

All along there was the boredom of sand, sand, sand, but then, before he knew it, discovery was upon them! They had found a ruin and a shaft leading deep into the sand. The gear was quickly put on and in what seemed seconds, they were plumbing ancient subterranean pathways of unknown origin! It was certainly a discovery to put everyone in the history books but the exploration team was soon overtaken by strange beings, some kind of devolved human albino cultists! Some people got away, others did not. Orlin was among the captured when two drugged darts sent him into oblivion.

His life for the past few months has been a blur, always kept in a drug induced haze. Only dream-like memories remain: visions of tormented beings, screaming before him, pushing him away, clawing at his naked flesh or else limp as death in his grasp. A focused kind of rage was the sole purpose within his consciousness… one overwhelming direction: dominate, subdue, possess!

Slowly, something clawed it’s way from deep within Orlin’s heart. The divinity within him rose to the surface and enabled him to throw off the mental shackles the drug had upon him. Finding himself under light guard, Orlin easily overtook the cultist overseeing him and made his escape.

He timed his covert departure with the outgoing shipment of a crowd of “Cyndiceans” (more devolved albino humans, but of an entirely different disposition than those that had enslaved him). Before their departure, Orlin had overheard these beings were to be used as sacrificial offerings at the next holiday. Orlin successfully made his way out of the cultists hive. Once away, he followed the caravan of doomed victims to it’s destination: a large ziggurat slightly deeper into the wasteland.

This is where Orlin made his entrance into the game. He’d been observing an encampment at the base of the ziggurat. A few days ago, he witnessed the arrival of the Scorpids who had their own set of captives in tow: a bunch of noble men and women – surface dwellers from among the colonists, and Ashinana among them! Soon, the PC’s arrive on the scene and introductions are made.

Player Characters

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